Random OSR Character Generator

These characters are 1981 B/X by-the-book with a few minor exceptions. As a matter of personal taste, gambeson is used in place of leather armor. I'm a big ole softie, so characters get max HP at first level. THAC0 is used instead of the OG to-hit matrix—in rare cases, this yields slightly different to-hit probability.

NAME:                  XP: 0
LEVEL: 1               BACKGROUND: Lumberjack
CLASS: Cleric          PERSONALITY: Humble, strict

STR: 8  -1             HP: 4/4 
DEX: 14 +1             AC: 5
CON: 4  -2             THAC0 (Melee):  20
INT: 9                 THAC0 (Ranged): 18
WIS: 10   
CHA: 11   

May use all armor and shields, but only blunt weapons.
Divine magic. Turning undead.

backpack, bedroll, large sack, waterskin, 1-day ration (7),
torch (5), oil flask, wolfsbane, iron spike, rope (50'),
gold piece (3), mace, gambeson, shield

Number per day, by spell level: (0, 0, 0, 0, 0)